To the industry that keeps on giving, we give reliable non profit insurance solutions.

Like all organizations, non profits need insurance that protects them from the unknown. Federal Insurance Federation of Maryland prides itself on working closely with each client. That way, we can help you determine the specific level of insurance coverage that your non profit needs.

Non profits need to protect themselves from basic liability. If someone were to get injured in your office, for instance, your general liability policy would protect you from liability issues. Even if you don’t have an office where clients visit, it’s important to carry liability coverage that will protect your non profit during events.

Get the Insurance Protection Non profits Need Most

In addition to general liability insurance, many non profits find that they need:

  • Accident insurance that covers volunteers
  • Fidelity insurance that protects the organization from misuse of funds
  • Property insurance that pays to repair any damage
  • Commercial auto insurance if you have vehicles

Not all non profits will need these policies, but it’s important to fully understand your options. Otherwise, you don’t know what coverage gaps could leave you exposed.

Let Federal Insurance Federation Help Your Non profit

Federal Insurance Federation has worked in the insurance industry since 1963. Over the years, we have learned the most efficient ways to research markets for products that match our clients’ unique needs. We know you need a level of coverage that gives you peace of mind. But we also know you need affordable policies that fit into your budget.

We always put your needs ahead of our own to make sure you have the service and care that helps your non profit succeed.

Please call our office at 301.468.9600 today. We prefer to speak with our clients rather than work with them over the Internet. It gives us a better feel for how we can match your insurance needs. If we can’t take your call, leave a message so we can return your call as soon as possible.