Experience a commitment to service with workers compensation from Federal Insurance Federation.

If you own a business in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, then you have to purchase workers compensation insurance. Doing so protects more than your employees, though. It also protects your business.

Show Your Employees You Care

A good workers compensation policy covers the majority of accidents that can occur in the workplace. You can expect your policy to cover:

  • Your liability when an employee gets hurt on the job
  • Medical care caused by repetitive motions at work
  • Medical care caused by an accident that occurs on the job
  • Caring for injuries that happen when an employee is performing a work-related activity away from the work site

Federal Insurance Federation will make sure that both you and your employees have the coverage that you need. After all, you deserve protection that keeps everyone safe.

What Will Workmans Comp Not Cover?

Insurance companies take workers compensation claims seriously. If they doubt the legitimacy of a claim, then they may investigate the injury to make sure it is covered. This protects your business, as well as the insurance provider.

Some instances not covered by workers comp include:

  • Injuries sustained while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Injuries that are unrelated to work activities
  • Injuries caused during a fight or horseplay
  • Self-inflicted injuries, rather than accidents

Let Federal Insurance Federation Work for You

Federal Insurance Federation has decades of experience working with insurance providers and clients. We put our clients’ needs ahead of our own to keep you happy with the services and products that you receive. To learn more about the benefits of choosing a reliable workmans comp policy, reach out to us. We’re dedicated to helping our clients find policies that match their business and personal needs.

Please contact our office by calling 301.468.9600. If we can’t answer, we’ll call you back immediately to discuss your insurance options. Our versatility ensures that we know your business.