At Federal Insurance Federation, we don’t cut corners with your real estate insurance.

Commercial real estate insurance can protect your investments by reducing your liability and paying for certain types of damage. The specific coverage that you get, however, depends on the policies that you choose.

Federal Insurance Federation works with each client to find a suitable balance that protects your properties and keeps you on budget.

We All Know How Valuable Real Estate Can Be

The specific type of real estate insurance policies that you choose will depend on the kind of business that you own. A strip mall, for instance, doesn’t need the same protection as a construction site. Some of the commercial real estate insurance policies that we sell include those for:

  • Shopping centers
  • Construction projects
  • Condo associations
  • Office buildings
  • Strip Malls
  • Apartment buildings
  • Property development

What Level of Protection Do You Need?

If you own a shopping mall, office park, or retail center, then you will probably need real estate insurance that offers significant liability coverage. With so many people coming to your property, you need to protect yourself from injury liability.

Liability is also important for condo associations and apartment buildings, but you need real estate insurance that will pay for any repairs caused by storms, earthquakes, and other events. Federal Insurance Federation of Maryland will go over each policy so you understand the protection you get.

Federal Insurance Federation Puts Your Needs First

We always put your needs ahead of our own to make sure each client feels protected and well served. We can explore various coverage options and rates to find a combination that meets your concerns.

Feel free to contact Federal Insurance Federation at 301.468.9600 today. If we can’t answer immediately, please leave a message. We’ll call you back to discuss your coverage options and quotes. We’ve been in the insurance business since 1963, so we understand the unique needs of businesses that own or rent real estate.